Feast your eyes on YUMA’s teaser costume for Trinidad Carnival 2012.  High five YUMA!

YUMA band will be launching its sophomore presentation for Trinidad Carnival 2012 on Saturday 13 August with a premium all inclusive bash that from all accounts is not to be missed. 

I played with YUMA last year and the vibes on the road were just fantastic.  They did have a few hiccups but they can be forgiven when you remember that Carnival 2011 was their first year out.  I’m hoping they learned from their challenges and give us masqueraders a smoother experience for Trinidad Carnival 2012 with the same vibes as 2011.

I am so So SOOOOO excited to watch their band launch live online.  It’s still a few days away and I need to finalize the catering for the YUMA launch mini lime at my place but I can already feel the excitement rising!

The launch on Saturday will be carried live again by the ever awesome Carnival TV in HD and triniscene.



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