YUMA Press Play: Angry Birds Frontline

YUMA Press Play: Tyris Frontline

                      Tomorrow, 6 September 2011, is the first day of YUMA past masquerader registration.  Per YUMA, "Past Masqueraders must be on the 2011 masquerader roster. No exceptions."  So best of luck to ALL past masqueraders who are on the roster.  Set your alarm and find yourself at # 12 Alcazar Street, between the hours of 2pm - 6pm.  I'd be interested to hear from any past masqueraders who brave the crowds tomorrow to register in YUMA.


Per Yuma Vibe

  • you can only register for yourself and one other past masquerader for whom you have ID and a letter of authorization.
  •  No NON masqueraders can be registered by past masqueraders.

If you would like to share your experience or pics email me at info@trinidadcarnivals.com