Tyris from Yuma mas band presentation of "Press Play" for Trinidad Carnival 2012












Today is the first day that the general public can finally register online or in person for one of YUMA’s coveted costumes for Trinidad Carnival 2012.  Goodluck to everyone who is going to register today.  I hope you get your section of choice!

I’d be interested to hear from any past masqueraders who are planning on registering today.

Some points to note:

  • Online and general registration starts at 2pm Trinidad time
  • Online deposit is 50% of the cost of the costume
  • Inhouse deposit is $1500TT for backline; $2000TT for frontline

For more information:



Registration FAQ



If you would like to share your experience or pics email me at info@trinidadcarnivals.com.

You can also post on our Facebook fan page: http://www.facebook.com/trinidadcarnivals