We are pleased to announce the YUMA Carnival 2012 viewing & registration process.

Costume viewing at the # 12 Alcazar Street Showroom will be as follows:

* Tuesday 30th August 3-6pm
* Friday 2nd September 3-6pm
* Saturday 3rd September 1-4pm

Past Masquerader Registration*: September 6th- 10th
Online & General Registration: September 13th – 20th

Past Masqueraders must be on the 2011 masquerader roster. No exceptions.


Floor Member: TT$1500
Frontline: TT$2000
Online: 50% of costume price

All masqueraders will be required to provide the following information for registration regardless of relationship with the band:


Hipband (Belt) Size (32″, 34″, 36″ etc)
Bathing Suit bottom type ( Bikini, Thong, Boy short)
Bra Size (30A, 34B, etc)
Bikini Bottom Size (XS, S, M, L, XL etc)

Some Front Line Costumes will require fittings which will be identified at the camp.


Waist Size (32″, 34″, 36″, etc.)


* Anyone charging a fee of any kind to register persons for costumes is NOT an official representative of YUMA. Potential masqueraders are HIGHLY recommended NOT to utilize such services.
* There are various headpiece and costume options this year (tiaras, backpacks etc). Be certain you register for the costume type you desire as switches will not be facilitated.
* Payment at the camp will be via cash or linx. (Only Online Registration will credit cards be accepted).
* NO exchange or switching of sections/ costumes/ costume type registered for
* NO refund of deposit for any reason
* NO changing of measurements or sizes
* NO costume transfers
* Wire bras are not available in sizes larger than 34C. DD cups NOT available for wire bras
* Be certain to provide your own accurate email address and phone numbers to ensure your receive communication from the mas camp
* You can prevent fraud. Report any person attempting to re-sell costumes.
* YUMA’s committee does have priority registration. This process does leave room for future levels of registration (past masquerader and public)
* Due to numerous instances of attempted fraud, YUMA reserves the right to refuse registration, request ID from registered masqueraders and/or to contact registered masqueraders for verification purposes at our discretion.

YUMA 2012 – Where real players come to PRESS PLAY!



YUMA Management Team