YUMA is officially sold out for Trinidad Carnival 2012.  I have been saying for weeks that if you were serious about playing in YUMA you had to move early.  However, it appears that even those who were very diligent about registration still got left in the cold.  This is regrettable but we have to realize that given the number of costumes available and the sheer volume of people competing for a costume that some people were going to be disappointed. Not everyone in my crew was lucky enough to register for a YUMA costume.  And while we would love to play together, it appears as though that is not in the cards.  So the question is: You really wanted to play in YUMA but were unable to get a costume.  What do you do now?  

If you absolutely MUST get a YUMA costume

The only way you can get a YUMA costume now is to buy it from someone who is reselling.  Just remember to use good sense when entering any transactions with unknown individuals.  There are unscrupulous people out there who have no qualms about taking advantage trusting masqueraders so be cautious! You can check the following sites to find resellers:  

You are over YUMA and need to register with another band

There are MANY other bands out there with lovely costumes who offer ONLINE and inhouse registration.  My top 3 picks are:  

You decide not to play mas because YUMA was the ONLY band for you

This is your decision to make.  You may feel different given some time to process your feelings.  Consider bookmarking this post and coming back to it in a few days or weeks.
Take Away Points
  • You have options
  • YUMA is not the only band that you can have fun in