The heat is coming but we will have to wait a bit before we see the costumes for Trinidad Carnival 2012.  The launch has been postponed due to the NATIONWIDE State of Emergency in Trinidad.  No new date has yet been released.  Here's hoping that the Explosion Carnival launch is carried live online.   Here what they have to say about themselves: An ULTRA ALL INCLUSIVE adventure awaits!!! BlaZing HOT costumes, competitvely priced. A plethora of surprises and giveaways, Ultra ALL Inclusive fetes and top quality security and service all the way.... We present to you EXPLOSION! A small band, big on excitement, ingenuity and quality. A band inspired by YOU our MASQUERADERS, prepare to CHANGE the way you envision carnival! Get caught in the REVOLUTION................... GET CAUGHT IN THE HEAT OF THE EXPLOSION! I'm ready!