X mas band will be launching their presentation for Trinidad Carnival later today. "Strictly Alternative Mas" is the freshman presentation for this new carnival band.  Darren Cheewah is the principal designer for X and anyone who is involved in the arts scene will tell you how creative this man is.  Mr. Cheewah recently did an interview with Metro Magazine where he said:
“I believe in the mas that is all inclusive, it’s not just the single body type but all the different body types. Eighty percent of all our Trinidadian women feeling uncomfortable to wear a costume cause they only showing front line models, I want to hug up everybody," Click here to read the full article
Ah love it!  I am really excited to see the carnival costumes that Mr. Cheewah has designed. Unfortunately, I cannot make it in person but Triniyute and the rest of the gang will be at Studio Lounge today to cover X band launch for us. If you have time and you want to take in"Strictly Alternative Mas" head on over.  It's a FREE launch and Kes will be performing live.   For more information: Strictly Alternative Mas - Darren Cheewah puts an X on Carnival X mas band facebook page X2012 facebook group page