My wish for her is that when she gets older she can play mas for Toronto Carnival and not worry about being harassed by stormers who feel it is their right to accost and manhandle masqueraders.

By about 1pm while waiting to cross stage #2, I started to get a headache. So I took off my headpiece and was looking for somewhere to put it down.

Over to my left, on the other side of the fence was this pretty little girl watching the mas go by. She was absorbing it all with such a quiet intensity that I had to wave a few times to get her attention.And then I asked, “Would you like my headpiece?”. Her eyes just lit right up and with Mom’s permission and @SoulRebelTo’s throwing arm we were able to get the headpiece over the barrier and into the hands of this very special#futuremasquerader.

I look forward to a future where I am sitting in the bleachers and watching you cross the stage!