You never know what kind of weather we are going to have for Trinidad Carnival.  Also the heat can melt your makeup in an instant!

I remember the year that I played with Island People it rained buckets when we got to the South Quay stage.  I saw lots of women who had their eye shadow washed off during the torrent.  Eye liner smudging down your face is not pretty at all.

I, however, did not have these problems because my fantastic makeup artist used Make Up For Ever Eye Seal.

Make Up For Ever eye seal comes in a tiny little bottle and you only need a small amount to waterproof your eye makeup.  It works with loose pigments, glitter even eye liner pencil.  So there really is no excuse for runny eye makeup.

You are going to be sweating.  Use the eye seal.

You are going to a fete and might end up getting wet down with a hose.  Use the eye seal.

Your eyes water every time you see Machel on the stage.  Use the eye seal.

Check out this video which reviews Make Up For Ever Eye Seal

(**please note that I am not the girl in the video**)

In the past I have bought my Make Up For Ever eye seal at the makeup counter in Sears and at my local Sephora store.

Our friend over at LEHWEGO has also offered to carry Make Up For Ever eye seal in his Carnival Amazon store.

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