I am addressing this topic reluctantly because I do not believe people should be using unauthorized agents to register them in "IT" bands.  If you cannot register yourself in a particular band then I really feel that you should look elsewhere.  There are so many bands out there.  You don't have to put your hard earned money in the hands of unknown individuals.  Okay, there is no online registration and you live abroad.  Well lots of other bands have online registration: Online registration is already open for Oasis Carnival and Island People Mas.  Soon YUMA will launch their online registration and there are many more bands out there that cater to foreigner masqueraders. That being said, I know there will be people who still go the unauthorized agent route.  So here is one way to protect yourself. Use PAYPAL.  Do NOT send money via Western Union. Consider this scenario:  You send your had earned money to an unauthorized agent for a costume in the "IT" band.  He/She tells you that you will be provided with the official "It" band receipt so that when you reach Trinidad you can collect your costume.  Easy Breezy Lemon Squeezy right?  Wrong.  You send your money and one month later still no receipt.  Mr./Miss Unauthorized agent has already received the money.  You email and call but emails bounce back and the phone is disconnected... Well if you sent your money via Western Union then too bad for you.  Chances are Mr/Miss Unauthorized Agent has already spent your money on tickets to a premium all inclusive fete and had enough left over to buy a new outfit to wear to said fete. If you sent your money via PayPal you MIGHT be able to get your money back.  You have 45 days to open a dispute with PayPal to try to recover your money.  PayPal is a much safer way to conduct financial transactions when parties do not know one another. For more information on using PayPal and how you might dispute a claim click here or visit https://www.paypal.com Just remember that you have 45 days to open the dispute.  So if you pay Mr/Miss Unauthorized agent in September and you find you are in Trinidad in February sans costume then you are still not going to get your money back. Please note that I am in no way endorsing the use of unauthorized agents.  But if you feel that you must make use of their services, be smart, get everything in writing and use PayPal.