Trinidad Carnivals is on Sky

You have questions.  I have answers! The other day, I had the pleasure of talking to a lovely young lady from New York.  She's planning on coming to Trinidad Carnival for her birthday and wanted some travel planning advice about carnival bands and fetes and such.  I was happy to talk to her and we chatted for well over 45 mins about everything from fetes she must attend to how to waterproof your makeup for the road.  It was just lovely! What I found interesting was that she was so surprised when I responded to her voice mail. When I say you can contact me with Carnival questions, I really mean it.  I have been doing Carnival for years.  If I can't answer your question, I can certainly point you in the right direction.  I do answer ALL my emails.  I really do return all messages once you leave a call back number within Canada/US. So if you have carnival related questions you should feel free to contact me! Email: Phone: (347) 868-7464** **please note that I can only return calls with US/Canada.  Also, when you leave a message, please ensure that you say your phone number clearly so that I can call you back. Skype: Trinidadcarnivals or Trinidad Carnivals Facebook Twitter!/Trini102 Google Plus: Trinidad Carnivals or