Bacchanal indeed…

Per Tribe mas band,

TRIBE is acutely aware of the role it ought to, and does in fact play in stimulating the national social conscience. TRIBE takes this opportunity to launch a platform for healthy discussion and for bringing heightened awareness to the Trinbagonian public about another problem that exists in our society and one in which there must be a greater national collective effort.

Recent reports on Facebook inaccurately suggest that vehicles were parked on the beach and on a turtle nest, and that TRIBE is to blame for this.

The facts of the matter as occurred yesterday – Sunday 20th May 2012 are stated below.

· Yesterday, our committee had a beach lime at Damien’s Bay in Blanchiseusse and like all ‘Trinis’, we went out for a fun day at the beach – good food, drinks, company and of course a little football.

· As is customary on a weekend, there were many other beach- goers and surfers who, like us, were there at the beach to relax and have fun.

· Access to the beach is limited, as is available parking. SUVs / 4×4 vehicles usually make their way down the unpaved, uneven route from the Paria Main Road / North coast. These vehicles are often found parked on the beach front every weekend. With this in mind, the majority of our committee
members went to the beach via a maxi taxi shuttle service.

· There is also absolutely no signage advising the public of turtle nesting season or indicating whether Damien’s Bay is a ‘ protected’ beach.

TRIBE has researched and is informed: “*The main nesting season for local sea turtles runs from March to September of each year. Three of the main
nesting beaches – Matura, Fishing Pond and Grande Rivière – are Prohibited Areas and permission is required for the purpose of turtle viewing*.”


TRIBE and its committee will never intentionally do anything to endanger Turtles. We admire and congratulate organizations like Trini Eco Warriors and The Papa Bois Conservation Group for the
conservation work each is doing in this regard. TRIBE stands ready and willing to offer its assistance to organizations of this nature, with a
view to informing and educating the wider public about the urgent and important need to protect our natural flora and fauna in Trinidad and Tobago.

This is not a time to lay blame and point fingers. As Marc form The Papa Bois Conservation Group said this morning “it is not a time to hate, but to educate”! So let’s work together to protect what we have in our beloved country – our Carnival, our Culture, our Creatures!

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