Tribe and sister band Bliss will be having a joint band launch on Saturday 20 July 2013.  Yes, that is right, they are taking a “Two Bands | One Launch” approach.

Luckily for those of us abroad and those of us at home not willing to pay band launch prices, Carnival TV will be streaming this mega band launch live online, in HD!  And it’s FREE!



In terms of themes, for it’s 10 year anniversary, Tribe’s will be presenting “Tribe 10” while Bliss is doing “Tribute to Tribe”.

Teaser from Tribe for Trinidad Carnival 2014

Teaser from Tribe for Trinidad Carnival 2014
-Photography by Jtography


So on Saturday night at 10:30 I will be in the comfort of my home taking in the Tribe/Bliss band launch for FREE!  Thanks Carnival TV!


To view to live feed on Saturday:


For more information: