Before we get to the flights lemme just say: ‘ Fantasy Carnival costumes take win!’   This weekend is Island People Mas and YUMA band launches.  Both will be broadcast live online.  Carnival TV will be hosting the HD stream and Triniscene has the regular feed.


As of today, direct flights unless otherwise noted (excluding London) from Feb 14/15 – Feb 22/23

Toronto – CA$833.00 with Caribbean Airlines (last week – CA$832)

**CA$675 with Continental Airlines (1 layover)


Miami – US$432 with Caribbean Airlines (last week –US$400)

**US$412 with Caribbean Airlines (flying out of Ft. Lauderdale, returning to Miami )


New York – US$602 with Caribbean Airlines (last week US$510)

**US$475.70 with Continental Airlines ( 1 layover )


Houston – US$834 with Continental Airlines (last week US$811)


 London – £718 with British Airways (last week £698) (1 connection)


 All fares include taxes.