DR. HOLLIS LIVERPOOL "The Mighty Chalkdust" has won Calypso Monarch 2017 with his song "Learn From Arithmetic".  That song is #truth.  It's time for us to end child marriage and I'm glad that Chalkdust won with a message that is so important and timely.
Here are the Calypso Monarch results from TUCO: 1. DR. HOLLIS LIVERPOOL - "Chalkdust" 2. KARENE ASCHE 3. HEATHER MAC INTOSH 4. TERRI LYONS 5. RONDELL DONAWA 6. DEVON SEALE 7. RODERICK GORDON - "Chuck Gordon" 8. VICTORIA COOPER RAHIM - Queen Victoria" 9. LYNETTE STEELE - "Lady Gypsy" 10. ANTHONY HENDRICKSON - "All Rounder" 11. WESTON RAWLINS - "Cro Cro" 12. WINSTON PETERS - "Gypsy" 13. KURT ALLEN "The Last Bad John of Calypso" 14. SASHA ANN MOSES 15. LORNETTE NEDD REID - "Fya Empress" 16. MEGUELLA SIMON 17. MARSHA CLIFTON - "Lady Adana"

Photo credit: https://www.facebook.com/ncctt/