**keep checking this post as it will be updated**
Dimanche Gras will be streaming live tonight from 7pm (26 Feb 2017)

Watch live stream on :http://ctvtt.com/stream.htm

Click below to listen live now:

 You can listen live: http://www.talkcity91fm.com/
Here is the order of appearance:
1. Lady Adana (Marsha Clifton)—“Social Media”

2. The Last Badjohn of Calypso (Kurt Allen)—“My Corn Tree”

3. Devon Seale ”I Carmona”

4. Meguella Simon ”Still Colonial”

5. All Rounder (Anthony Hendrickson)—“To Be An Icon”

6. Queen Victoria (Victoria Cooper-Rahim)—“The Call to Pray”

7. Fya Empress (Lornette Nedd Reid)—“Guilty”

8. Terri Lyons—“The Phrase”

9. Lady Gypsy (Lynette Steele)—”Plight of My People”

10. Gypsy (Winston Peters)—“Angry Land”

11. Karene Asche—“Caught in The Whirlwind”

12. Chuck Gordon (Roderick Gordon)—”Wah Yuh Doing”

13. Rondell Donawa—“Lip Service”

14. Cro Cro (Weston Rawlins)—”Final Send-Off”

15. Sacha Ann Moses—“Main Witness”

16. Heather McIntosh—“Games”

17. Mighty Chalkdust (Dr Hollis Liverpool)—“Learn From Arithmetic”