Parade of the Bands Monday and Tuesday will be streaming live on The goes live on Carnival Tuesday at 8am and costs USD$24.99.  I thought I was getting a bargain with Ceen TV but unfortunately Ceen TV viewers do not get the entire presentation. So if you want to see all of Carnival Tuesday then check out the NCBA stream.

To view stream:

  Here's what you missed today on the NCBA live stream of Carnival Monday trinidad-carnival-2014-monday-mas14 trinidad-carnival-2014-monday-mas13 trinidad-carnival-2014-monday-mas12 trinidad-carnival-2014-monday-mas10 trinidad-carnival-2014-monday-mas8 trinidad-carnival-2014-monday-mas7 trinidad-carnival-2014-monday-mas6 trinidad-carnival-2014-monday-mas1 trinidad-carnival-2014-monday-mas2 trinidad-carnival-2014-monday-mas3 trinidad-carnival-2014-monday-mas4 trinidad-carnival-2014-monday-mas5 trinidad-carnival-2014-monday-mas9 trinidad-carnival-2014-monday-mas11   trinidad-carnival-2014-NCBA-Tuesday-parade-live-stream-3