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trinidad-carnival-2014-mardi-gras-reviewFirst, I didn’t play mas this year. I was signed up but I got a new job and ended up having to stay in the states leaving my friend and her boyfriend to play mas with Mardi Gras TT. I’m writing this after what she told me was her experience. She is too dignified and nice of a person to publicly shame them, but after hearing her experience, I felt it should be told.

We booked our costumes with MTT via FB and received a confirmation #. Over a month before heading to Trinidad. My friend had someone pick up her costume for her so that she could have it once she arrived back in the states. She got to Trinidad and her costume was a size 1X. (She wears a size small/medium).

She never received a wristband and on Carnival Tuesday, the band’s security tried to put her out of the band because she had no wristband. She wasn’t able to eat any of the meals either. Keep in mind that she approached the band organizer AT the parade line-up in regards to the wristband and a replacement costume, to which the organizer replied, “oh sh-t” and walked away… And never returned to assist my friend.

Now that my friend is back in the states she has reached out to the organizer of Mardi Gras TT several times (& she didn’t respond majority of the times.) She finally got back to my friend and my friend asked for at least a partial refund due to her wrong costume and inability to take part in the band’s amenities due to a lack of the wrist band. I have seen the  text correspondence first hand between my friend and the organizer and I’m appalled. She has been deflecting blame on her own masqueraders and blaming them for taking other people’s costumes.

I understand that this is their first year with a band, however customer service is key. What I thought was a great person to work with, turned out to be a nightmare and their band completely ruined my friend’s experience. We will be going with a more established band next year and hoping for a much better outcome.