Trinidad-Carnival-2013-online-reg tallMaybe you recently won "Pick 3" lotto or you got a nice juicy year end bonus and you have decided to spend it to go to Trinidad Carnival 2013.  Your flight is booked but now you need a costume. You have heard about Carnival Junction and Fineahban where individuals resell their carnival costumes but there is no way you are taking the risk of Western Union-ing your hard earned money to any stranger on some far away isle.  For all you know, you'll show up in the camp of collection day only to find out you have been a victim of fraud.  No money and no costume, you'll have to wine to the side (**that's a true story from a friend of mine**).

Well, fear not!  There are still quite a few bands that are still accepting online registration. 

But move fast, there's only 32 days till Trinidad Carnival, the greatest show on earth!

  Mac Farlane - Joy: The Finale   K2K Alliance and Partners - The Human Race   Island People Mas - Rehumanize   Spice - Let's Dance   Harts - Je t'aime   Trini Revellers - Brazil Brazil   D Harvard Reverllers - Euphoria: The Sister Isle   D Krewe - Zia   Dream Team - Flashback   Genesis - Mirror Mirror   Legacy - Trinbago to Rio   Ronnie and Caro   The Word and Associates - Leviticus   Wee International - Magnifique   Utopia - Out of the Darkness   Paparazzi   Colorzfuhso - The Conquest   Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, so if you band is still accepting ONLINE registration then send us an email at