If you are looking for a breakfast fete on Carnival Sunday you may want to consider Sunny Side Up.

We have attended SSU in the past and have had a good time.  Nice crowd, good music, premium drinks.  In the spirit of full disclosure, please note that I did not attend SSU for Carnival 2011.   However, our friend over at LEHWEGO.com gives it a thumbs up!

Tickets for this early morning party are also available online for those of us living abroad.

Per SSU:

To purchase tickets

  • contact our Authorized SSU committee member for your tickets.
    • You can visit us at www.sunnysideuptt.com or Facebook event page Sunny Side Up Premium All Inclusive Breakfast Party for there contact numbers.
  • Tickets can also be purchased in New York from the usual NYCV Committee members.
  • We also made a decision to go above and beyond to get tickets closer to you our family and friends by having tickets available in Miami, Jamaica and Barbados. (see website and Facebook for more info).
  • Limited tickets can also be purchased online via our online solution for the US, Canada and European family. For online ticket purchases email us at tickets@sunnysideuptt.com for more info on this service.
  • feel free to email me at colin@sunnysideuptt.com for any info or assistance that you may need.

For more information:



SSU Crew (The Relocation) Facebook group