Special thanks to K.S.R. who shared her experience with us.   Click here to read her Oasis Costume Collection review

We didn’t meet the band at the meeting point because we running very late (did
a 24 hr stint on Sunday). So on our way to meet the band, I was trying to
get onto AR (phoenix individual) to see where they were but didn’t get
through. Then I remembered that you could BBM Oasis to find out where
they were. Nice touch, because we were able to find them on the Avenue.

As soon as we met the band, we were offered a shot of Patron. For carnival, I rarely
eat and drink but I could say, never once was I turned away for what I
wanted. Things moving nice, found love with truck #2. The vibes were really
nice. Oasis masqueraders know how to party. But then I got a little sour,
when instead of going downtown we turned back onto Tragarete Road to head to

The lunch stop was at Trotters Car Park.  Before I entered, I headed to the
drinks truck and took a water and small coke. Food collection was
relatively easy (why wasn’t costume collection like that?), in and out of
the food tent like a finger snap. Tents were laid out with chairs. The food
was BBQ chicken, some sort of rice and mashed potatoes. My cousin and I found that our meals were rather salty so we left them. I drank my coke and chilled myself.
Ice cream was handed out a while after, a bit too soft but I drank it 🙂

With lunch over, trucks started to move. An announcement was made but  I was having
too much fun to stop and listen to what was being said. I thought somehow,
the route after lunch would have taken us to the savannah, well not. We
ended up in St.Clair and that’s when I asked a fellow masquerader what the
announcement was about.  She said, “Downtown was packed and it made no sense
to go that way”. No Downtown.  No Savannah.   I got a little more sour but the
vibes were really good, so I got over it. Heading into St. James, I started to
feel really tired, as I said before, I did 24hrs on Sunday and came to play
mas right after J’ouvert. Right as the band made the turn in St. James to
head to back to the avenue, we decided to leave.

My next crew called and said they were on Tragarete Road and that Tribe was
there. It took us a good while to meet them but we finally did and let me tell
you, my tiredness disappeared! Those Tribers were so energetic.  The DJ’s to me
played the best set of music I heard for carnival (no soca mafia, just
variety and tunes). We fist pumped, we shuffled, we braced and wine and we
found love. I honestly and truly loved the vibes Tribe was giving out
(first time ever meeting them on the road) but would never play with them
(the size of that band is crazy). We followed and left them when they
reached Ciprani Boulevard.
No more band hopping, time to head home. My day started nice and ended

Monday gets a 4.5, I hated the route, didn’t get to go downtown or to the
savannah. It may not matter to some but it did to me.