K2K Alliance and Partners has released some more information about their Christmas Gift for masqueraders. Triniyute, Shello and Tess attended the Monday wear launch before Christmas and treated us to some early photos.  However, it is fantastic to see the professional shots of the models in various imaginations of Monday wear using the lovely blue fabric that will be provided to all masqueraders FREE OF CHARGE. Some take away points:
  • the fabric is provided at no cost to all masqueraders, male and female.  Masqueraders are free to arrange, cut, tie or sew it in any way that they desire
  • undergarments such as bikini panties and bra's are available for purchase at the mas camp but you are also able to use your own
  • accessories are not included but are available for purchase at the camp.  Masqueraders are also free to use their own accessories
So, which Monday wear option is your favourite?   Click to view entire album: K2K Monday Wear Album on Facebook   For more information: http://k2k-carnival.com/ K2K Alliance and Partners facebook fanpage