So we went looking for an app to find the Carnival fetes for the season and we realised there was none.  We went looking for a listing of all events, pan, fetes and calypso launches and we realised we had to go to different sites.  SO, we decided to create an app and website to search for events in one place, somewhere that has all the fetes not just a select few. and My Trini Lime App is now LIVE!  So far the android app is live and we are getting ready to launch our iOS app.  We are on Facebook and Twitter if you prefer to follow us that way.

We have been up a week and people searching and checking to see what is happening:

  • Most searched event so far –Tribe ICE.
  • Our first app submission by a promoter, PREStige.
  • New band we never heard about before – Mayaro The Band
  • The most searched song/person – All Rounder, Garlic Sauce

Ah love it!  We can’t wait to see what events go up.  We also have ratings on events, locations and SOCA so people can let others know what sounding good and which fete is the one to go to.


Want to know where Machel Montano playing go to the Events page,  put “machel”  in and press “Search”.



Want to know what Carnival events they have in South, go to the Events page, put Category “Carnival” and Region “South” and press “Search”.


So meet yuh at the front of the stage!

Keep liming
My Trini Lime Family