The Toronto Mas Bands Association has taken the Festival Management Committee to court.

And the timing is interesting.

On May 7th 2015, Louis Saldenah shared a news story published in The Caribbean Camera newspaper.  In this article, Chris Alexander, Chief Administrative Officer of the Festival Management Committee, is said to have confirmed that Saldenah mas band will be participating in the 2015 Toronto Carnival parade.  Apparently he also explained that each band would have to sign with the FMC individually.  This is a departure from the previous years where bands hoping to compete would join the TMBA and it is the TMBA who would then sign with the FMC.

“A bid by Toronto Mas Band Association (TMBA) to exclude Mas-K has failed, Alexander said, adding that each participating band will be signed individually rather than the past practice of signing the bands collectively through the TMBA. The bands have been given a deadline to sign.”

From ‘Saldenah is in Carnival Parade, FMC says’.  Read article here

This is an inventive way to get around Saldenah’s suspension from the TMBA and ensure their participation in the parade.

On May 8th 2015, a case was opened.  Case number CV 15-527871.  Toronto Mas Bands Association v. Festival Management Committee.

There are lots of rumors flying about but know that this is not a rumour.  THE TMBA HAS TAKEN THE FMC TO COURT.