As many of you know, I was unable to go to Trinidad Carnival this year.  That means I missed J’ouvert 🙁  To make up for that, we will be heading down to Jab Jab Jouvert on Friday so that I can get my J’ouvert fix!

So for those J’ouvert newbies who are also coming up to Wilson Arena to get dutty, here are some tips:



1.  Don’t wear anything that you would not want to throw out.  If you decide to venture into the mud-paint-oil section of the fete know that your clothes and probably your shoes will be completely beyond saving but that’s the fun of it.

For those who want to come and have fun but would prefer not to get dutty, you can always get the “Cool Zone” tickets.  There will be no wet or dutty access in the “Cool Zone”.

2.  If you have to wear a costume on Saturday morning in the Parade, then you may want to stick to oil and mud which are easier to wash off.  The pigments in the paints can be a pain to wash off and sometimes will stain your skin for a few days.

3.  Apply baby oil to your skin liberally before getting to Jab Jab J’ouvert,.  This will make it easier for the paint-mud-oil to wash off when you get home.

4.  Those with long hair and long locks, you may want to invest in a shower cap, hat or bandana to cover your hair.  Yes it may look great when you arrive but again washing mud out of long hair can be frustrating.

5. Cameras and cell phones, bring only if they have waterproof casing or keep them in a ziploc bag.

6.  If you are driving, then remember to keep some old towels and sheets in the trunk so that you can use them to protect your car upholstery on the ride back to the hotel or your house.

7.  There will be drinking, so have a designated driver.  Or better yet, take the Shuttle provided by Jab Jab J’ouvert that way everyone can have a good and safe time!


See you there!

jabjab jouvert

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