Since coming home from the Toronto Carnival Parade on Saturday my inbox and facebook feed has been inundated with masqueraders complaining about this weekend's "parade" aka "stormer road party".  Lots of blame has been placed at the feet of the Festival Management Committee and even some anger at Scotiabank. There is a group of individuals who have been trying their best to speak up for masqueraders and enact change.  But to no avail.  This year by all accounts was worse than last year.  You can't work with the Festival Management Committee because they are not accountable to masqueraders.  YES I SAID IT.  THE FESTIVAL MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE IS NOT ACCOUNTABLE TO US! Don't bother wasting your time going to main sponsor Scotiabank because again, they are not accountable to masqueraders. But you know who is accountable to us.... the City of Toronto.  Why?  Because most of us masqueraders are from Toronto and we pay taxes.  WE VOTE! And guess what else, the Festival Management Committee received $560,000 from the City of Toronto.  That's about 25% of it's operating budget.  This does not include other grants from the government.  So that means:

The Festival Management Committee is accountable to the City of Toronto!


You want to know what's going on?  Well ask the man paying the bill.  Talk to the City of Toronto. Your MPP works for you.  Yes, you!  It's your money they give to the FMC.  So you get to ask questions. Who do you need to contact: -Councillor Joe Mihevc is the City Council Liaison to the Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival Toronto. Email him!  Imagine if everyone who had a complaint or concern about the stormers and the general state of the Toronto Carnival parade sent an email to Councillor Joe.... Fill up his inbox!  Let him know we want answers.  You may want to cc his executive assistant Anthony who I am told takes care of the Toronto Caribbean Carnival Portfolio.  And of course you can also cc us at
Councillor Joe Mihevc - Executive Assistant Anthony Schein -
  What are somethings you may want to email: -your thoughts on the current Toronto Caribbean Carnival parade -your stories about being molested in the streets by stormers -tell him we want more law enforcement on the parade route to protect masqueraders - tell him about how many times you reached out to FMC for information -tell him that we are taxpayers and we demand accountability from organisations that receive city funding, this includes the FMC -tell him some of the great solutions that you have to fix our festival To sum it all up.  You should feel free to email the FMC and wait for a response.  You will be waiting for a long time...If you want go to Scotiabank and close your account and tell them it's because they are killing Toronto Carnival you can do that too.  But if you want change, real change you have to follow the money and demand answer from the only people who the FMC is accountable to.. the CITY OF TORONTO. If anyone is interested in talking about how we can improve the festival or what else we can do, please feel free to email me at    
It's 2:53pm on Caribana Saturday.  Where are the masqueraders.  #stormerroadparty

It's 2:53pm on Caribana Saturday. Where are the masqueraders. #stormerroadparty