When the frontline options for The Princess of the Gates section hit that stage at Saldenah band launch the crowd was clearly impressed.  The design was clean and crisp but I think it was that sheer width and height of the costumes that made the biggest impact.

And now that the initial awe is settling people are asking questions about wear-ability and practicality on the road.  It’s one thing to admire a fantastic costume and a whole other thing to spend your hard earned money on it when you are not sure if the design is solid and comfortable.  I,for one, have have already gotten burnt with that in the past.

So, we are going to help you out.  On Saturday, we are heading down to Saldenah Mas Camp to meet with designer Melinda Rickson and her team to try on her wonderful uber-frontline costumes for The Princess of the Gates.

We will seek to answer the following questions:

  1. Will I be able to spread my hand and let go if I wear that massive headpiece or will I be on Lakeshore holding my headpiece on my head all day?

  2. That backpack is huge, how easy would it be for someone to tief a wine?

  3. What are the exact dimensions of the costumes and what accommodation will be made on the road for masqueraders?

  4. With all that load to carry, will I be able to get on bad or will it just be small wines all day?

We will be live tweeting  and updated facebook with photos and videos as we do a complete assessment of this costume.  So stay tuned…

@SoulrebelTO is really looking forward to the part where he gets to tief various types of wines and discuss the process, lol.  Oh, how he suffers!

If you have any other questions  about The Princess of the Gates costumes that you would like answered by Melinda and her team then go ahead and leave a comment or email it to trinidadcarnivals@gmail.com



Princess of the Gates

Princess of the Gates