First we met your needs by fitting for the Princess of the Gates frontline costume.  In case you have not read it as yet you can access it here:

Now, we will share our experience fitting for the Princess of the Gates ULTRA frontline costume with the most wonderful Sophia Rickson.  In case you missed the Saldenah band launch, you can see the Ultra Frontline costume on stage in 1080p HD in the following video.  Keep an eye out for the tall costume with the flowing panels.


After the launch , we were flooded with questions from readers about this section.  So we reached out to super star designer Sophia Rickson for some answers.  Please note that Sophia also designed the ULTRA frontline for Angel of Beauty.

I know we made you wait a while for this post so without further ado:


Fitting for Princess of the Gates ULTRA Frontline Costume

Per designer Sophia Rickson,

This costume is for the “elite group of ladies on parade day with the biggest costumes, and best service!”

Back pack: not light but at the same time not heavy, comfortable

  • The actual frame of the backpack is light, very similar weight when compared to the frontline costume.  The additional weight comes from the 4 rods that are used to hold up the panels of fabric. The backpack with panels is by no means heavy but you will be aware that you are wearing it as it is “heavier”.  To give you an idea,  I have had 4 back injuries and I would have no concerns wearing this backpack.
  • The rods are perfectly balanced on either side of your body.  So there is no worry about carry more load on any one side of you body compared to the other.  Again, this backpack frame will be individually adjusted to fit each masquerader so there are no under arm and then back strings to worry about!  No discomfort noted at rest or with movement.  I don’t recommend bending over and wining in this costume though.
  • I did not have any problems with this costume catching the wind at all.  The panels allow for free movement of air through the costume so it should be okay on Lakeshore.  Again, we look forward to hearing the experience of the ladies who rock this on the road as we only tried it on indoors.
  • This backpack would be perfect for the masquerader who want a big costume but also wants to be able to move freely on the road.  It will not have the same movement restrictions as the frontline because it works with height and not width.
  • You will notice the panels are dragging on the floor and that is because the costume was made for a model who is MUCH taller than me.  Sophia has advised that both the panels and the rods will be customized for the individual masquerader.  Now that is service!

Look Mom, no strings!


Sophia Rickson putting on the final rod and panel

Headpiece and Collar: light and comfortable

  • Like most headpieces, it is secured with an elastic at the back.  I did not need to adjust it at all.  It fit snugly.  Unlike many headpieces, this one has the feathers located at the back of the head so you cannot simply snip the elastic and tie to tighten.  However, it is nothing that some bobby pins and a few clips could not fix.
  • The collar will hide the back of the headpiece so there is no need for you to do a half pony tail.  Also it is not necessary as the back of the headpiece is full of feathers.
  • As with the frontline costume, once the headpiece and collar are on, you will have limited range of motion in terms of head movement in that you will not be able to look directly over your shoulder.
  • Also, some people were wondering if the collar is symmetrical.  It is not.  It is designed longer on one side.
  • The order of dressing is : backpack, panels, collar, headpiece
Sophia Rickson adding the collar

Sophia Rickson adding the collar


And now the headpiece

from behind

From behind


All dressed up in the Ultra Frontline for Princess of the Gates costume!

  1. Will I be able to spread my hand and let go if I wear that massive headpiece or will I be on Lakeshore holding my headpiece on my head all day?

    Yes you can!  I had no problems with the hand spreading and letting go.  You can also see from the band launch video that Miss Tourism Canada did not have any problems either.

    Please note that, raising you hands up to the sky will not be possible due to the 2 connection wires at either end of the collar

  2. That backpack is huge, how easy would it be for someone to tief a wine?

    According to @SoulrebelTO, this costume is conducive to front wines only.  The feathered collar makes it challenging to navigate a wine from behind.  But if you are determined and don’t mind feathers in your face it is not impossible. (**always the optimist**)

  3. What are the exact dimensions of the costumes and what accommodation will be made on the road for masqueraders?

    I forgot to measure it but will do so at the next visit :(   Sorry the costume was so nice I got distracted, lol.

  4. With all that load to carry, will I be able to get on bad or will it just be small wines all day?

    This costume was not built for jumping and waving.  But you can most definitely wine in it!


So what does ULTRA frontline entitle you to?  According to the Saldenah Ultra-Frontline Experience page on facebook:

1. Custom fit Costume. Every aspect can be tweaked to fit exactly the way you want.
2. Footwear. Your choice of a sneaker wedge, or flat ankle boot decorated to match your costume is included.
3. Personal Security. Ultra Frontline Security Guards will be at your side all day long. They are there to ensure you have ample space on the road as well as help with all your costume throughout the day.
4. Ultra Goodie Bag. All your needs for the day including some make up surprises to match your costume, as well as some other great essentials!!


For more information about this section:

Contact: Sophia Rickson at 905-960-0210

To register online: