Here are the results for Toronto Kiddies Carnival competition 2016:

Junior Parade of the Bands

  1. Carnival Nationz
  2. Toronto Revellers
  3. Louis Saldenah Mas-K Club
  4. Tribal Carnival
  5. Durham Mas And Recreational Club
  6. Sunlime Canada
  7. Fantazia Carnival
  8. Island Vybz
  9. Concept Costume Creators
  10. Atlantic Mas Toronto
  11. Carnival Redemption
  12. D’Regulars Arts & Cultural Group

Junior Queen of the Band

  1. Kaia Cassell, The Carian ….Spirit Of The Bird People from Carnival Nationz
  2. Caneisha Edwards, The Flamingo Queen from Tribal Carnival
  3. Madison Defreitas, Robinson The Locust and The Warrior from Louis Saldenah Mas-K Club
  4. Mellissa Perry, Tlaltecuhtli, Queen Protector Of The Rainforest from Toronto Revellers
  5. Naia Jessica Lee Tement Naia,Queen of Cebu from Durham Mas And Recreational Club
  6. La Taula Beckles Jamaican, Blue Bird  from Concept Costume Creators
  7. Jada Morton, Mother Nature Awakening from Fantazia Carnival
  8. Andra Cosbert, Creation of the Reveller from Island Vybz

Junior Female Individual

  1. Reeyana Singh, Bird of Paradise from Carnival Nationz
  2. Makeda Joseph -Brerreton, Nubian Royalty from Louis Saldenah Mas-K Club
  3. Keyra Whiting, Victoria Falls from Louis Saldenah Mas-K Club
  4. Gabriela AMINA KRISPA ISABEL SEALY, Bird of Paradise from Toronto Revellers
  5. Jasmine Murray , Madame Butterfly from Tribal Carnival
  6. Jada White, The Amazing Monarch Butterfly from Fantazia Carnival
  7. Jaylee Augustine, Gold At The End Of The Rainbow from Durham Mas And Recreational Club
  8. Julissia MCCalla, Iktomi’s Spirit from Sunlime Canada

Junior King of the Band

Tie for 1st place: Marven Lee, Chango – The Fire Dancer from Louis Saldenah Mas-K Club  AND Evans Murphy, Predator of the Rainforest Waters from Toronto Revellers

  1. Josh Martinez, “D” Matador from Durham Mas And Recreational Club
  2. Darren Beckles, Scarlet Ibis from Concept Costume Creators

Junior Male Individual **results need to be clarified

  1. Jeshaun Edwards, Protector Of The Sky from Carnival Nationz
  2. Amari Balroop, Zulu Spirit from Louis Saldenah Mas-K Club
  3. Omari Bowen, Ochere The Brazilian Parrot from Tribal Carnival
  4. Eric Whiting, Savannah Lust from Louis Saldenah Mas-K Club
  5. Kane Grant, Amalivaca-Cultural Hero of the Caribs from Sunlime Canada

Please note that the Junior Male Individual result needs clarification as the results that were released has Jeshaun Edwards with the highest score in the group at 479 but no “rank” next to his name.  I have made the assumption that this is a clerical error but will be seeking clarification.

Congratulations to all who contested!