The Toronto Mas Bands Association has released the names of the 6 "A" bands and 4 "B" bands that will be participating in the Toronto Carnival parade (formerly Caribana). Look out for us this weekend at Tribal Carnival band launch for the unveiling of Secret of the Wings.  And don't forget to stay tuned to for all your Toronto Carnival coverage.

A Bands Louis Saldenah Mas-K Club -  THE RIVER OF MIRRORS


Carnival Nationz  - HAVANA


Tribal Carnival  - SECRET OF THE WINGZ


Fantazia International - UNLEASH YOUR FANTASY


Connection Mastumes Band -  FORCES OF NATURE Toronto Revellers -  ROAD WARRIORS

B Bands Carnival Fusion -  ART OF WAR

toronto-carnival-2014-caribana-carnival fusion-artofwar

Carnival Revolution - VISIONS IN THE NIGHT


D'Regulars Arts and Cultural Club  - CARNIVAL DREAMS Concept Costume Creators  - PRECIOUS JEWELS