Triniyute and Me in Poison 2005

There are many ways to enjoy Tuesday Mas. Some people work best in a group dynamic. Others like to stray, “make a turn” and then return. Yet others like to do the “Mas Queen on the Dimanche Gras Stage” routine (no names called).  Yet, for all the methods to the madness, do enjoy the madness. Take your time. Enjoy the sights. Marvel at the spectacle of humanity married to colour, moving uniformly to a synchronized, yet frenzied beat. Immerse yourself in the moment, and the movement. Take a wine, or two, or three (for those so inclined, please clear with your S.O. first. This site is not responsible for busted asses/relationships due to your indiscretions). My favourite thing to do is to walk all the way to the front of the band, stand to the side of the road, and watch the entire band pass me by, as though I am a regular spectator and not an active masquerader. Most importantly, step outside yourself. My fondest memory is of a very good friend who came from Chicago to play with us. He suddenly appeared with 3 stunning young ladies, who offered to do shots of tequila with all of us. Upon being questioned how he knew them, his response was classic: “Know them? Who said I know them? I just started wining on them…” To this day, he still doesn’t know their names. There are so many stories that I can share to illustrate why I love Carnival Tuesday.  I have played mas with a severely bruised big toe, and while loaded up on ibuprofen and vitamin C, due to a raging fever I was trying to control. There was the time I thought I wandered for a half hour, only to find my then girlfriend in tears and my cousins yelling at me on my return. It turned out that I had actually gone missing for 3 hours, instead of a half. (Johnny Walker Black and Red Bull is not my friend apparently). I have had random women sneak up on me, and give me a wine that felt akin to an embrace from a long lost lover, than just a chance encounter with a random stranger. I have run into old friends, and picked up drinking and liming with them as though they had never left this native soil. I love this beast called Tuesday Mas. Yet sadly it always comes to what feels like a premature end. As the dusk gives way to nightfall, and the street lights start casting their oddly organic glow (everything seems organic when you have enough liquor in your system to kill most small animals), I inexorably find myself searching in some obscure and indeterminate corner of the band, for a person doing their best “Mas Queen on the Dimanche Gras Stage” impersonation. And with a tired body, but a soaring spirit, I yell at them: “WOMAN!!! LEH WE GO HOME!!!!! I WILL LEAVE YUH A$$, YUH KNOW!!!!!!” Ah, Carnival Tuesday. Triniyute is not an actual writer, though his love for life, literature and liquor is genuine. He sometimes maintains the blog Soul Reasoning, you know, when he’s not drinking.