Jouvert and Monday Mas live streaming online on TV4

J’ouvert will be streaming live today on Our TV4. The show starts at 4am Trinidad time. Later at 3pm they will stream the Parade of the Bands from Carapachima starting at 3pm. To view stream: And don’t forget to check the schedule below for other Carnival events that will be bringing to us(…)

Live streaming events for Trinidad Carnival 2014 on Our TV4

Want to see Dimanche Gras live online?  What about Kaisorama or the Junior Parade of the bands?  Well the good people at Our TV4 will be streaming these events online.  To view stream:

Sneak Peak from Mas Jumbies for Trinidad Carnival 2012

J’ouvert 2012 sees Mas Jumbies returning to devil mas with their presentation “When Darkness Falls”.   Be expecting devils but with a truly modern twist. “When Darkness Falls” will consist of five sections.  The one that I am dying to see is the “Devil Royalty” section.  From what I have been told, this section is(…)

What is J’ouvert Morning like?

In this morning’s post, Triniyute painted an accurate picture of what it is like to play mas in costume on Carnival Tuesday.  Now we get to see what it is like to enjoy J’ouvert morning. Special thanks to one of my favourite bloggers,Trinimummy,  for agreeing to share her J’ouvert morning video with us!  I hope(…)