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Our local politicians need to take off their blinders.  This State of Emergency IS having a negative impact on the image of our lovely twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.  I just got an email from Kenya asking if it is still safe to come to Trinidad and Tobago for Carnival 2012.  I wonder how many more foreigners are asking the same question right now…

Here is my 2 cents.  My plans to go to Trinidad have not changed.  You could do what you want but I am going to be playing my mas come February 20 and 21.  Even if I have to put on the radio and fling on some glitter, I will be playing a mas in Trinidad on the street or in my auntie’s porch.

I can’t tell anyone what to do and it is important to note that I do not take any responsibility for any travel decisions you may make.

Safety is a matter of personal choice and comfort.  The truth is that we do not know if the State of Emergency is going to last past this initial 15 days.  However, it has been mentioned that it could be extended for a further 6 months.  That’s all we know right now.

Here is the release from the US State Department:

On the evening of August 21, the GOTT declared a “Limited State of Emergency” that took effect at midnight August 22nd. Under Trinidad and Tobago law, a State of Emergency can be imposed for 15 days without Parliamentary approval.

The order will allow for increased military presence and patrols throughout the country. Soldiers will have the authority to search for and seize contraband, make arrests, and, in specific neighborhoods (listed below), implement a 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. curfew. Under Trinidad and Tobago law, certain constitutional rights can be suspended under a “State of Emergency.”

Neither Canada, US nor UK has released official warnings or “do not travel” notices for Trinidad and Tobago.  For further information please check with your country’s travel ministry for direction.

US State Department

UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

As I get more information directly applicable to Carnival and the State of Emergency I will update the blog.  But as far as we know there are no plans to cancel Trinidad Carnival 2012.