J’ouvert 2012 sees Mas Jumbies returning to devil mas with their presentation “When Darkness Falls”.   Be expecting devils but with a truly modern twist.

“When Darkness Falls” will consist of five sections.  The one that I am dying to see is the “Devil Royalty” section.  From what I have been told, this section is the most elaborate with: wings, a full mask, jewels, fringe…  Yes, I said JEWELS!

Now, I’ll be honest. I am a tshirt and shorts J’ouvert girl.  Give me a tshirt, a whistle and all the rum I can drink and I’m in heaven.  But after chatting with Mr. Brian Wong Won himself, I am  very intrigued to see his presentation for J’ouvert 2012.  I cannot wait for the website launch in early November.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, Mas Jumbies is an All Inclusive J’ouvert band and they WILL be having rum on the road.

So while we wait for the launch, let’s enjoy these teasers which Mr. Wong Won has kindly shared with us.  Thanks, Brian!




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