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Please note to readers, everyone experience differs but this is MINE!!!!!

After Registration Before Collection

So after registration, I called the camp (November) to find out if additional diamantes could be added to the back of my monokini. I was given an, “I’ll call you back” reply.  After never getting a reply, I called the committee member who I was dealing with from the beginning.  Well guess what, same reply and same
outcome, NO CALL BACK.

Now I’m a business woman, I manage both my parents ‘businesses and if it’s one thing that boils my nerve, it is ,”I’ll call you back”.  Anyway, after getting the hint and hoping not to be severely disappointed when I collected my costume, I contacted CD Productions and organised with her to get me some diamantes.

Coming closer to collection day, I called said committee member and did get through. I was told to call back.  Well guess what, I called back multiple times and he never picked up his phone.  I just find it funny (not really) how before when I was inquiring about the costume, how easily he was to get through to.

One of the girls who was playing with me wanted to pay off her costume or pay some on it, she went to the camp and they could not find her records anywhere. She had made her first payment through the bank and when she did she called me and I in turned called said committee member to let him know it went through. He called the next day to confirm it went through, I told my cousin to call him to confirm that money was received and he also told her, “YES”. So why is it that when she went  to pay, Oasis could not find any records of it.

Well, she did lose her bank receipt but Thank God, I told her to dig, dig and she did find it. During this, she contacted the same said committee member, she got onto him but the usual, “I’ll call back” and we know how that goes.  After he didn’t call back, she called him and she didn’t get through again, again and again. He sent a SMS some days after. For real, some days after,  after all those missed calls and you decided to send a text.


Friday was collection day for me, I was pumped and overly excited. My dad said he would come with me because his collection centre (Trini Revellers)  is opposite us . Earlier on in the day I was making a joke with my dad, that I bet he would have to come back for his costume or at least piece of it. Well, it backfired. Reach the mas camp, dad goes his way and I go my way. Hand the young lady at the counter my receipt, she in turns gives it to another person. 5 minutes passes, a fellow comes by and says just now. 10 minutes passes by. Saw the committee member who I was dealing with at the beginning, not a good evening, not a smile, nothing (hospitality lost), I cheekily smiled to myself.

Well, 15 minutes or more passes by, only for someone to tell me, the lady hasn’t reached yet. What Lady?  So why wasn’t it brought yesterday, so I wouldn’t have to go through this, you’d think after all this while everything would have been organised. I was then told to come back 6:00am, I said I’ll come tomorrow because I honestly didn’t know if my dad would come back with me. Walk over totrini revellers, and find out if he’ll come back later, and I get a big yes. I needed his SUV to put the costume in. I head back over to Oasis and tell them I’ll be back later.

Call the camp some minutes after 6:00am and get the go ahead to come through. Walk in with a smile on my face, head directly to the counter, only to be told, that a fitting needs to be done. What??? In my mind I’m wondering why wasn’t this fitting done long before and why am I now being told of it. It so happens that I needed to have on the monokini for the gems, diamantes etc. etc. to be applied.  20 minutes she said, well 20 minutes turned to more than 2hrs but less than 3hrs. The two Carolyn’s that did the fitting and design, well they get 100 thumps up. They were really accommodating and just kept my spirit up.  Parade around in my monokini for a while and I’m satisfied. I change and collect my box and goody bag.

When my dad saw it, he was shocked. The collar was hug and fully feathered and blinged out. I really loved it and couldn’t wait for Tuesday. I was disappointed that I didn’t get any ear-rings with my box but as I said I’m always prepared and had ordered customized ear-rings and a necklace.

Reach home, dropped the costume in the spare room and head to bed. Start to dig in the goody box
the following day, I love seeing what I get but I never use anything in it. I gradually gave out everything during the weekend. I got 2 sweat arm bands, freezee coupon, bmobile cup, deodorant, rag/flag, extra gems (that I used to decorate my cup with), a bmobile handle bag and knapsack and some other stuff I can’t remember.

Oasis gets a 3.8 for after registration and collection. I could have been informed earlier about the fitting and before I handed them my money, said committee member was easy to get onto and information was readily available and I was dealt with promptly.

Special shout to Krystal & the 2 ladies both named Carolyn, that did my fitting.

Next review is for Monday and Tuesday, which I rate a 4/4.5


Click here to read Part 1 of her Oasis review.