Special thanks to K.S.R. for sharing her Oasis registration experience with us!
Before I begin I would like to say "Thank you" to Trinidad Carnivals. I first got in contact with them about the missing section "Cosmic Garden". They responded quickly to my question and even threw in the contact information of an Oasis Carnival committee member, who has been of great help to me. Today was going to be such a good day, my crew and I had the day off (we all work in separate places) so just being able to be together and head to the camp at the same time was dumb struck luck. We're all located in deep deep south and decided to hire a car because there was no way we were going to be making that journey by public transit.  Also, 2 of the ladies in the crew had to be back in South at 2:00pm to pick up their young ones. We left Princes Town at 10:04am and began our journey to Port Of Spain. Fast Forward a bit… my contact at Oasis, Joel, called me to see if I was still coming and I replied with an overly zealous “Yes!”. Neither myself, my girls nor the driver knew exactly how to get to the camp. I called Joel when we were in St Clair and he said that he was nearby. We made arrangements that we would meet by Pizza Hut and follow him to the camp. I noted the route so that next time I can make it to the camp without bothering Joel. After parking, we crossed the street and headed to the camp's parking lot where Joel was waiting on us. He introduced himself to each of us individually with a hand shake & warm smile. With introductions taken care of, it was time to enter the camp.  The door to Oasis mas camp opened with Cherry Blossom frontline to my left & backline to my right. Joel headed to the counter where he got us the booklets with the professional costume photos. As we approached the counter, Joel introduced us to Krystal.  She greeted us with welcoming hellos & the same warm smile that Joel had flashed earlier. My girlfriends & I began scoping out the costumes and asking questions galore. Never once did I get the feeling that they were getting upset at the quantity of questions we were asking.  While everyone knows how gorgeous Cherry Blossom is, I was very pleasantly surprised by Kiyohime. Samuari backline & Koi were the only 2 costumes that were a bit too simple for me.  However, the camp is catering for everyone & to some, simpler is better.  There's definitely no hit or miss with these costumes.  All of the costumes are very beautiful and I’m sure that if you enter Oasis mas camp you are going to end up leaving registered in a section. I say this because 2 of my girlfriends just came to view costumes with us and ended up registering. Even though my costume was not on display, Joel made sure that I was able to view it. Honestly I wish I could have taken it home right then. The girls wanted to be in the same section as I am, but the youngest member of the crew said that green doesn't suit her and we didn't want to leave her alone (even if it's just for crossing the stage). So to accommodate this, they all signed up in Cherry Blossom backline while I signed on the dotted line for Cosmic Garden. If I had the extra funds, I would have definitely registered to play in Kiyohime backline on Monday. The ambiance in the mas camp and the vibes from Krystal & Joel, made our experience swell.  This is especially crucial since next year will be the first time playing mas for my girlfriends ( I happen to be a veteran, lol).  You definitely get the feeling that these guys genuinely love what they are doing and are not trying to get your money and then your ass haul on the road (terrible road experience). It may seem that I’m exaggerating about the customer service from Oasis, but great service is hard to find nowadays and when it's found, I think it should be shared. Oasis gets an A+++++++ for customer service. Registration was a breeze. I spent less than half an hour there but it seemed way longer (not complaining).  Now, I wait patiently to collect my costume and see if the road experience is the same as in-house.
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