6 more days before Carnival Monday. So much to do in so little time. But whatever we do, we must pickup our costumes on time. To Oasis Band members, below is our schedule for costume pickup!

Hey Oasis Crew,
We will be distributing our Costumes from our Mas Camp Located at #32 Rosalino Street, Woodbrook.
Monday 13th February – Kiyohime and Samurai 12-7pm
Tuesday 14th February– Yen and Cosmic Garden 12-7pm
Wednesday 15th February-  Cherry Blossom ad Koi 12-7pm
Thursday 16th  February- Geisha and Phoenix 12-7pm
Friday 17th  February- All costumes and Individuals 12-7pm
Saturday 18th February – All Costumes 10-1 pm and from 2pm all uncollected costumes will be sold.
* NB: Allowances will be made for our foreign masqueraders ONLY to collect until Saturday the 18th from 1- 7pm
 For further information please contact us.
Band House 625-4624
Oasis Hotline 486-2747
Your Experience is our Passion!!!