It is a well known fact that the members of Trinidad Carnivals are ardent supporters of any excuse to get out and have a good time. Or that may just be me. Either way, Oasis Carnival’s offer to check out their after-work lime last Friday, was never in any danger of being turned down. While breaking the usual monotony of a Friday night (which usually involves my drinking too much Patron, and providing entertainment for Double-R, Shello, Junior and Grim), the invitation also gave us the opportunity to gauge how Oasis’ people really enjoy themselves.

When Shello, Double-R and I arrived at the camp, there was already a reasonably healthy crowd spreading out on to the side walk. This was a bit surprising. The average mas camp, after-work lime tends to consists of close friends and family members of the staff, with one or two potential customers checking out the scene. That was not the vibe that greeted us. This was basically a party. The committee had done an excellent job of spreading the word about the lime, and it showed. We were only able to spot Joel and Krystal periodically, as both were literally all over the place. Yet, keeping in mind that the visit was not all about fun and games, we decided to get down to business.

Double-R was put on drinks duty, and Shello and I started taking photos of Phoenix FL, which had been put out on the floor during the week. The DJ was well into his set at this point, and was doing a pretty decent job of working the crowd. In between taking photos, downing cups of Johnny and club soda, and fielding a stream of e-mails from The Hurricane,  we were able to make these really brief observations:

a) DJ Gabby can throw down. Nuff said.

b) For all my jokes about Swappi’s appearance (and specifically how tight his pants can be), he is actually a pretty good entertainer with an above-average library of music; for someone who has been on the scene for such a relatively short period of time.

c) Ahhh, Johnny, how I have missed you…

d) There is nothing more distracting that having a young lady wining on you, while you are trying to respond to e-mails from the editor in chief for the website on whose behalf you are covering said lime.

e) Even though we only sampled some of the geera pork, the food appeared to be a big hit. We actually tried to grab some later in the night, only to find empty trays in front of us.

f) If Joel and Company can carry this vibe to the road, then I may be forced to go and look for the Hurricane on Monday and Tuesday.

The TC (Trinidad Carnivals) crew tends to be pretty fickle about our choice of Friday night entertainment. With reasonably priced drinks ($20 for a Johnny and soda????????), an in-house DJ, and the promise of more live entertainment (who say rhythm?), Oasis has the potential to become a regular fixture on our schedule. Now excuse me, but I have to go and explain to Patron why she may not be seeing me for awhile.

Triniyute is not an actual writer, though his love for life, literature and liquor is genuine. He sometimes maintains the blog Soul Reasoning, you know, when he’s not drinking.

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