Our Dear Masqueraders,

The Oasis Team will like to formally thank you for making our 2012 Carnival
a memorable one. We enjoyed meeting every one  and we look forward to
seeing you all for our 2013 Presentation.

We would like to apologies for the inconvenience caused by the wait in
which we endured on Carnival Tuesday. The route that we took was given to
us by the NCBA prior to carnival, and every deviation from the route needed
to be authorised by the Marshall that accompanied the band. The problem
with the route this year was that all the carnival bands were allowed to
merge in uptown Port of Spain too close to the stage. When we arrived
uptown it was told to us that  four bands were ahead of us and seeing our
geographical location to the savannah there was no way that one could have
predicted that we would have taken so long to arrive at the stage. We
turned onto New St only to realise that there was a truck from a band
blocking us from proceeding onto the route and then the same band hand two
more trucks behind us. This band needed to proceed in order for us to move
from our position and unfortunately the bands coming up Abercromby St
refused to give way to the both bands from coming out. From there a series
of events took place that stalled our progress none of which we had any
control of. Many people were asking us why not abandon the stage, in all
fairness there were also people in the band who believe that carnival is
about crossing the stage and needed to experience that under any
circumstance. However by the time we could have safely manoeuvred away from
the area, it made more sense to commit to crossing the stage. We do regret
for any inconvenience that was caused, but we remain adamant that the
problems experienced were a product of the governing powers of the official
carnival parade management and unfortunately we suffered as a result from
their decisions.

We have already met with numerous bodies to help with future planning of
the Carnival Route and are participating in developing ideas to ensure that
an efficient plan is put in place to experience an effective flow of the
carnival bands.

Our Team cannot be more excited about our 2013 presentation, and we look
forward in raising our standards in production and design, and we look
forward to the introduction of some of the best in the business joining our

We would like to formally thank all our Sponsors that made this Carnival
experience a great one and supported us all through out the year, Blink
Broad Band, Coca-Cola, Blue Waters, Monster, Micles, Johnnie Walker,
Baileys, Hennessey, Smirnoff Vodka, Gatorade, Anchorage Beach Club, Hits
107.1 fm, Red 96.7 fm, Bermudez Baking Company, Unilever, Savvy Traders,
L.S Browne & Co. Ltd, Flavourite and Continental Airlines.

We would also like to congratulate the winners of the Continental airlines
give away!!! Dara Dillon and Nicole Darlington Jacob

We cannot wait to see you all  on the Road with us for 2013!!!

Your Experience is our Passion!!!


The Oasis Family.


For more information:

Website: http://www.oasiscarnival.com/

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Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/OasisCarnival


Disclaimer: I am played in Oasis for Trinidad Carnival 2012.