Sham-Weezy and the RAVE Crew

Shamila, aka Shams, aka Shammy, aka Sham-Wow, aka Sham-Weezy, aka... (ok, enough with the “aka’s”) is a close friend, cousin and honorary member of the TC crew. She took the time to do this review on RAVE in Miami. She also gave me creative license over the editing of this review, but I have decided that her words speak volumes and they should stand as is. With the exception for once teensy-weensy little part. So in the words of Super Grover, on to our story!!!!!  "Miami Carnival this year was a little disappointing due to the fact that there was a monsoon going on most of the weekend. But of course a little rain and wind will not stop us from enjoying our carnival!! Rave this year was held on October 8 at Calder Casino in Miami Gardens. My crew and I were fortunate enough to be staying right across the street from the venue at El Palacio Hotel. We had attended the Frenzy Boat Ride earlier in the day which was awesome, and the rain was minimal. However, as the night carried on, the winds startedto pick up like crazy and the rain was soon blowing sideways. As our balcony at the hotel overlooked the stage area for RAVE, we could see that; by midnight people, were starting to arrive. So, we went to grab a taxi to make our way to Calder Casino. When we got downstairs to the lobby we were informed there were no taxis due to the weather. Small thing.... we decided to trek the 2 mile walk to the casino. Once we got outside it was pouring like crazy, but we had a bottle of Johnny in our hand and met up with other unfortunate souls who had also decided to walk to RAVE.  Even though our hotel was across the street from Calder Casino the actual entrance is about 2 miles away (this fact will come in important later). When we arrived at the entrance, the line was pretty smooth. We bought our tickets online and just picked them up at the door. The rain was still coming down pretty hard at that point, but once we got inside, heard the music and saw all the people jumping up,  we through all caution to the wind. The live performances with Machel and Kes did not start till about 230am. Machel did his set first and played all his usual hits, and Kes followed afterwards. I have to say even though I love Machel, Kes really engaged the crowd and got everyone pumped up in spite of the weather. Compared to last year, I have to say I enjoyed RAVE a lot more. It was less crowded, the drink lines weren't bad, and there were no long waits for the bathroom. The party was over at about 430am and everyone started leaving around this time. We had one final dilemma: how we were getting home. There were no taxis around, and we did not feel like walking the 2 miles back in the rain. One of the people in my group had a brilliant idea of jumping a 15 foot fence, cutting through the horse track to get back to our hotel. And that was exactly what we did. (Ed. Note: Some facts need to be highlighted to illustrate exactly how drunk Sham-Weezy and crew were when they hatched this plan. I am 6-foot-1. When she is wearing flats, Sham’s head reaches my shoulder (see pic below). And I may be being generous with that assessment. In short (pun intended), she is a munchkin. An adorable, huggable, cute munchkin, but a munchkin, none the less. Now, watch the pic on the right. That is the crew from RAVE. Take into account the fact that they are all wearing FLATS. One young lady is actually shorter than Weezy. Now, imagine a 15-foot fence. And then imagine trying to cross a horse track after monsoon-like conditions. These are the stories I hate hearing when I missed being there in person…)  

Sham-Weezy and Triniyute


Sham-Weezy and the RAVE crew

          It was a great ending to a truly memorable night :). Can't wait for next year!" Shamila is a Carnival enthusiast, and full-blooded Trini. When she isn't crunching data for her day job, she can be found hugging bottles of Johnny in locales all across the globe.