when our friends at TC invited BITTT to talk about places to check out for good food while you’re in T&T for carnival, we didn’t have a problem with that. except that there are so many… and so little blog posts. but damn it if we don’t try. here’s the first… bake and shark.

now some people (like the ones who ordered that sign there) say shark and bake as if they can’t wait to say the word shark. yeah, we’re excited about shark too, but that’s no reason to upset the order. Bake and salt fish… bread and cheese… hops and ham… obviously, bake and shark! as in a BAKE that is served with slices of SHARK between. bake… shark. but anyway, when it comes to bake and shark, maracas is the place. people say richard’s has the best bake and shark on the beach, but we don’t vote that way. our vote is for uncle sam’s. that’s at the bar down to the end of the beach. one of the best bake and shark i’ve had.



you order at the bar and they give you one of these.



then you go around to the kitchen area to collect it



now here’s the thing. a lot of people say they go by richard’s because they offer more condiments. well first off, that’s kinda like giving a portion of chicken fried rice a thumbs up because you liked the soy sauce. the shark is the star of the show and uncle sam has that well seasoned, crispy star boy shark that could shine even without the sauces. added to that, by now, everybody basically has all the sauces, so the statement isn’t factual in the first place. check out the pic. honey mustard, garlic sauce, tamarind sauce, shadon beni sauce… they even have two types of mango chutney. fear not, your sauce needs shall be taken care of. plus all the other toppings like pine, slaw, veggies… yuh can’t go wrong. note also that they keep their sauces chilled. in case you didn’t get the memo, that’s very important when you’re dealing with mayo-based stuff especially.



all in all, iz ah bess bake and shark. i’m even willing to forgive them for saying shark and bake on their sign. my preference is to go lean with the toppings. just some shadon beni sauce, tamarin without the seeds, a little honey mustard and some pepper topped with fresh slaw.



but most folks grab up value and drop on everything and the kitchen sink… who could blame them.

so that’s it until next time. and while you’re waiting on part 2, check us out on the blog, facebook¬†and youtube… it won’t hurt to click like.