Fantasy Carnival Costumes 2012









As I mentioned  previously, there will be NO ONLINE REGISTRATION for Fantasy Carnival 2012.  This has been confirmed on both the facebook page and official website.

So what does this mean if you are a foreigner?  Well if you have friends/family in Trinidad who can physically go to the camp then you can ask/beg them to register you.  Good luck!

If you live abroad and have no one to register you in person then too bad.  But don’t be disappointed!  I have a solution!

Solution: Check out YUMA!   (P.S. “like” me on Facebook, I’m full of solutions)

The reason you want to play so badly with Fantasy Carnival is because their costumes are so damn WONDERFUL!  I loooooooooove ALL of them but no online registration makes it impossible for some to register.

Don’t despair!  The same duo who designed for Fantasy Carnival also did some designs for YUMA.  AND YUMA OFFERS ONLINE REGISTRATION.  So go pay your internet bill and check out YUMA’s band launch online tonight.  Let me know if you see anything you like!

You can view the live feed of YUMA’s presentation “Press Play” beginning tonight at 11pm Trinidad time on:

For more information on YUMA:!/yumavibe