Lance Gross is the first announced celebrity guest at the uber-expensive, ultra all inclusive fete “Ultimate Lime 2012”.

So who is Lance Gross?  Well I had to Google him and turns out he is an American actor on “Meet the Browns”, a comedy on TBS.

Now I don’t really care that there are going to be celebrities flown in to attend these events.  When I am choosing a fete I want to know what colour Johnny is available and who is the DJ (if Private Ryan is playing, I in dat!).  But I guess some people do care so there it is.  If you want to say you partied with Lance Gross, here is your big chance.  Other celebrity guests are to be announced soon…

Ticket prices are hot for this event with General Admission costing a cool USD$200 and VIP USD$300.  What I do like is that you can buy your ticket online easily.  No hook up necessary.

So if you are interested in attending and have the money lying around you can purchase your tickets at:

For more information:

Lime 2012 Facebook fanpage

Hyatt Regency Trinidad at 1.868.821.6443