New Orleans

It’s a pretty well know fact that I don’t attend many parties outside of the Carnival season. Actually, that would be a bit of a lie. It’s a pretty well known fact that I basically don’t party outside of the Carnival season, period. There are two notable exceptions to this rule though. The first involves birthdays, while the second involves band launches. I am a year-round sucker for any kind of Carnival fete. When Deez Nuts (here-to-fore referred to as D.N.) called me and mentioned the words Kalicharan, and Launch, it was no-brainer. Even if it was in San Fernando. A crew, consisting of myself, D.N., Double-R, and Stickums; piled into D.N.’s ride, and we began the trek to Privé (pronounced Pre-Vay). Now it should be noted that for 3 members of the lime (Double-R, D.N. and myself), this was the first time attending any sort of event at Privé. Also keep in mind, that we are not those kind of “townies” who refuse to cross the light house to make a good lime (regardless of what my co-workers may say), and who believes that everything is bigger, better and brighter in Port of Spain. That being said, I am pretty sure that, as a child, I played in sandboxes that were bigger than this club. Privee is TINY*.  Forget Napoléon, this club should have a complex named after it. You know your club is spatially-challenged, when the following exchange occurs upon entry: D.N: Dis is it?????? Me: Ahmmmmm, ah guess? D.N.: Wha de f---? This brings me to my second complaint of the night. (Prepare for rant. Deep breath and…) I live in Port of Spain. I have grown accustomed to paying $18 for a Heineken, which always draws laughter from friends who do not live in the capital. To put it in perspective, if I decide to drink at any of the bars near my place of work (I work in Central Trinidad), I will probably end up paying between $12-$15 for that same Heine (and probably get it colder too). Why then, does D.N. walk up to me, using language that would make the devil blush, after paying 25 FREAKING DOLLARS for a Heineken????? WTF???? At those prices, apparently the beers were also supposed to induce mind-bending orgasms. Which means that we obviously got a defective batch. I am still shaking my head in disbelief at this. Yet, even with those complaints, Ivan Kalicharan and his people know how to throw a party. Being, arguably, the best supported band in San Fernando, the launch was extremely well attended. With DJ Dane of the 96.7 Family providing the entertainment, the party segment of the launch was always going to be a success. Holding true to form, there was soon very little room to move, due to the number of bumpers dropping to the floor. The overall vibe was nice enough to even make us forget (temporarily) the criminally priced drinks at the bar**. As for the costumes, “We Going Carnival” has the potential to be a beautiful sight on the road. The designs remind me of Poison in it’s hey-day. There was a mad crush to the front of the walkway when the costumes started emerging, to the point where we had to try to daisy chain beers to Double-R who, once again, was on camera duty. The “oohs” and “ahhs” that followed the appearance of each section bodes very good things next year, for Mr Kalicharan. As a veteran of South Mas, Kalicharan Carnival’s annual band launch has become staple on San Fernando’s social calendar. I give full credit to his team for throwing a launch event that was truly lively and fun, and had this “town” crew speeding up the highway to beat the curfew. And thank you for teaching me that not only New York has sandboxes with over-priced drinks on sale.
*- For all my South people screaming about 51. 51 has 2 bars. Talk done.
**- Dem drinks prices deserve the own SOE. Privé, yuh wicked…
  Triniyute is not an actual writer, though his love for life, literature and liquor is genuine. He sometimes maintains the blog Soul Reasoning, you know, when he’s not drinking.