Congratulations, Kathy and Karen and  Mama Norman!  Can't wait to see what you have in store for us for Trinidad Carnival 2013.  Out of the water and onto land...  We doing it largely! Per K2K:
Dear masqueraders, Again we would like to thank everyone for starting the journey with us. The team attended the award ceremony on Tuesday 27th March, 2012, at Queen’s Hall and we are proud and excited to add the following accolades to our platform: -1st place in Costume Design in the medium band category -1st place for our presentation Downtown in the medium category -1st place for our presentation in the Queen’s Park Savannah in the medium category -4th place overall in the medium band category in the Band of the Year competition for Carnival 2012 All of these achievements would not have been possible without the support of the masqueraders and team members. We would specially like to thank all those who stayed with us to cross all judging points. As we head to 2013, we look forward to extending the K2K family, improving the K2K experience and launching the 2013 Collection. We invite all masqueraders both old and new to hold tight for the ride, as things are about to get even more exciting. For 2013 our masqueraders will be moving out of the Water and will be coming onto land! HOLD TIGHT – 2013 COLLECTION COMING SOON! Have a beautiful weekend. K2K Team  

Kathy and Karen Norman with individual Natalya Mills

For more information:   Disclosure:  I played mas with K2K Alliance and Partners for Trinidad Carnival 2012