I'll be in Calgary for a wedding but for those of you in Trinidad you can head over to K2K Mas camp for the opening of their new mas camp.  Wish I could be there! Per K2K,
..., Saturday 1st September! It's time for some R&R with K2K! Enjoy some Relaxation & Registration while you "take a drink on de corner" with the K2K team! Trinidad & Tobago's Golden Jubilee weekend is also a very special one for
K2K, as it's Karen & Kathy Norman's birthday weekend! What better way to celebrate than to welcome our faithful supporters & masqueraders to the eagerly anticipated opening of our new MAS CAMP!We have wonderful surprises in store, including the unveiling of our "Flag" backpacks (which were not showcased at our gala launch). A LIMITED number of backpacks will be available for ALL sections of the band!Machel say: “Come lewwe lime, lime, lewwe lime by de corner..." So come to OUR corner: • WHERE: 22 Orleander Row (corner house, Victoria Gardens, Diego Martin) • WHEN: Saturday 1st September, 6:00pm - 9:00pm (in-house registration, plus "Understanding the 2013 Collection" @ 7:30pm)We have so many exciting things in store. Can’t wait to see you there!Blessings always, The K2K Team