I am happy to announce that I will be playing mas with K2K Alliance and Partners for Trinidad Carnival 2012!

Since K2K’s exciting launch, I have had many phone and email conversations with mas aficionados and masqueraders about K2K’s costumes.  And a few questions always pop up:

Yes the costumes are beautiful but:

-can you wine down and get on bad in them

-will they be comfortable

-how will the actual costume compare to the prototypes from the launch








Well have no fear!  I will try to address all these questions and more by immersing myself in all that is K2K for Trinidad Carnival 2012.

I love my bikini and beads but this year I also want to try something new.  So, I’ll be playing mas in bikini and beads with Oasis and also in a more “fashion centric” costume with K2K. (I borrowed the term fashion centric from Mas Man!)

This is going to be a busy Carnival: 3 bands, 2 days… logistics logistics…