After weeks of teasing us, K2K Alliance And Partners held the Media Launch for their 2013 presentation, The Human Race, yesterday morning at a private venue. While the launch gave us a preview of the theme and some of the designs for The Human Race (which may very well cause Maria to become catatonic), the twins also announced plans to branch out into a fashion line and the start of a K2K Foundation (both slated for later this year). Big things are happening in the Norman camp...   From the K2K Alliance and Partners Press Release:  
"Building on our 2012 theme "The Waters - Seas of Consciousness", K2K is excited to bring 2013's presentation of "The Human Race" to the streets of Port-of-Spain. In today's society, intense pressure is often placed upon us to conform. We are pressured into viewing life as succession of predefined steps and encouraged to race along a well-worn path leading to societal goals. These goals are often defined by achieving a career or professional post, a financial target or some sort of personal relationship status. Dictated by society, we accept these goals as our own and enter the great race to become "successful". However, we learn that the journey is a dynamic process; our objectives and motivations change due to societal pressures and from the knowledge we acquire along the way. Our interpretation of the story will take the masquerader to the horse races. In each segment of the race, the masqueraders will present the story by becoming one of three different characters. CROWD: These characters are the spectators at the race. Representing societal pressures, they boo, shout or cheer from the stands as the participants in the race pass by. THOROUGHBRED: These characters are the equine athletes that carry the riders around the racetrack. They represent the motivational drive which propels us to our goals. JOCKEY: These characters represent the protagonist of our story. Spurred along by their horses and influenced by the crowd, the jockeys compete in the HUMAN RACE. K2K's 2013 presentation of "The Human Race" is a commentary on the experience of the race for "success" - about pursuing a dream, resisting pressure, overcoming challenges and forging one's own destiny. “LET THE RACE BEGIN!”"