Island People Mas Heroes: Carnival Costume Unknown












We are still waiting for the release of Island People Mas’ new/revamped costumes for their presentation “Heroes”.  But that has not stopped them from opening up their camp and website for pre-registration.  You have the opportunity to register for costumes that you have already seen and for costumes unseen.  Yes, I said unseen costumes.  I’d be interested to know how many people register for the “open section” aka new/revamped costumes without seeing them.

Island People Mas Pre-registration Details

When: Thursday 25th August at 12 noon for Past Masqueraders

Friday 26th August at 12 noon for New Masqueraders

Where:  50 O’Conner Street, Woodbrook


online at

Deposit:  $1100TT/$185US Backline & Males

$1500TT/$250US Frontline

Note: $100TT/$15US discount available if you Pre-Register before Monday 29th August.  Also this pre-registration is not a “Friends and Family” event.  Anyone can pre-register.  Lovely!

For more details: