What is most important to you when choosing your carnival band?

1. All Inclusive.  I have no interest in carrying large quantities of cash to buy all my drinks and food from the side of the road.  I love the ease of just showing my security bracelet and getting what I need.  And by time 10 am reaches and we are all tight, who can really count out change properly? lol.  Also, a WEE WEE truck is a must! 2.  Costumes.  I am a sexy woman.  I am not leaving my house in any old ting you threw together with some feathers and a glue gun.  I need a fantastic costume to play my mas. 3.  Security.  I like to roam the band.  Make movements on my own.  Yes, I play with my crew but I usually end up seeing them only at lunch stops and when it's time to go home.  So I need to be in a band where security is tight.  I have no interest in unsolicited molestation from non-masqueraders. Looks like Island People Mas is really taking the needs of their valued masqueraders seriously.  I must say that I am impressed that they are not utilizing the "take it or leave it" approach that is so common these days in mas. Check their facebook page and vote: http://www.facebook.com/ISLANDpeoplemas